Picture from Wikimedia.

Kenya Airways have announced that further cuts will be made to the airline. Earlier, last week, they announced that they were degrading their fleet numbers from 52 aircraft down to 36 aircraft. This week however, they have announced that 600 jobs are to be “retrenched” or “redeployed”, hinting at job cuts. The Kenya Airways CEO said that the turnaround plan would take place in May this year.

Kenya Airways have decided to cut down further in order to make a profit within the airline. Their last annual reporting’s from July stated that they made a loss of 25.7 billion-shilling ($253 million). The 600 staff cuts represent 15% of their 4,000 strong workforce so it will provide more of a saving for Kenya Airways once they have laid off the workers.

It has also been stated that the cuts, known as “Operation Pride” will save the airline $200 million. However, the airline have stated that the job cuts will only account for around 10% of the overall program. Kenya Airways said last week it’s planning to reduce its fleet size to 36 aircraft from 52. It has so far sold two Boeing Co. 777-200 planes and will sell two more, while it’s searching for carriers to sub-lease three of its Boeing 777-300 planes.

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