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Denver Airport have announced huge cancellations of more than 800 flights out of their airport due to a blizzard that has hit the airport. The airport is to expect between 9-16 inches of snow throughout the rest of the weekend. United Airlines also said in a statement that they are cancelling all inbound and outbound flights between Denver and the destinations that the airline operates to.

Denver Airport said in an advisory message: Denver International Airport (DEN) is expecting heavy precipitation this weekend, with rain turning to snow that could be heavy at times. The current forecast for the airport calls for 9-16 inches of snow through Sunday.  Many of the airlines are allowing passengers to rebook flights ahead of the storm — passengers should contact their individual airline for details. The airlines have reported significant flight cancellations on Saturday due to the storm.  United Airlines has decided to cancel all of its inbound and outbound flights at DEN on Saturday. United is offering change-fee waivers or refunds to affected passengers. United is planning to resume its operations on Sunday. Other airlines are also offering change-fee waivers, and passengers should contact their airline directly for details about those options. Passengers traveling on Saturday or Sunday should confirm their flight schedules and allow extra time on wet or icy roads. 

By midday on Saturday, snow was at 5 inches and then the storm eventually dumped up to 2 feet by the end of the day. Other than the advisory message, Denver Airport have not released a public press statement. Denver has been subject to many snow storms over the past decade, with the worst storm being in December 2006 where most, if not all of the airport was surrounded with snow. 

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