Imagine boarding your next flight and having the entire cabin to yourself.

In this age of overstuffed planes, where we squeeze our bodies into cramped seats and jockey for overhead bin space, it sounds like a dream — one that would never happen.

But it did — sort of — on Monday for a man who boarded a long-delayed Delta Airlines flight from Cleveland to New York to find that all his fellow passengers had been rebooked on other flights.

The man, Chris O’Leary of New York City, did what most of us would probably do. He chose an aisle seat near the front of the plane and stretched out. He chuckled at the absurdity of his situation. And he got a flight attendant to snap pictures of him, with rows of empty seats in the background.

The rare situation was caused by bad weather, which caused several flight delays in the Northeast. O’Leary’s Flight 6259, which normally seats 76 people, was delayed for six hours, and somehow he missed out on being rebooked.

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