A man who stabbed himself in the head at Heathrow Airport has been taken to hospital but police said his injuries are not life-threatening.

 The incident happened yesterday evening, around 5:45pm outside a shop in Terminal 5 when a man started attacking himself with the knife.

In a statement,  Heathrow Airport said the passenger is believed to have picked up a knife in one of the departure lounge shops after passing through security.

 It added that no other passengers were hurt and “there was no breach of security”.

Travellers took to twitter explaining the situation

 Sitting at Fortnum and Mason Heathrow T5 when a man runs past stabbing himself in the head – security has contained the situation

stabbing himself in his head with what looked like a knife

Another traveller, told the Guardian that the man was “very distressed” and “was not threatening anyone else”.

 Scotland Yard said: “A crime scene is in place while officers investigate. At this early stage no other person is being sought in connection with the incident”.

 Via @SkyNews

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