Photo by András Soós

A Brussels Airlines flight to Alicante was forced to return to the gate on Saturday.

Flight SN3771 was taxiing to the runway at Brussels Airport when a group of 41 passengers became disruptive.

In a statement by Brussels Airlines, the captain belived other passengers saftey and wellbeing was not guaranteed.

“The captain decided during the taxiing phase at Brussels Airport to return to the gate as, due to the unruly behavior of these passengers, the comfort on board and the safety were not guaranteed,” said Geert Sciot, a spokesman for Brussels Airlines.

The flight with 136 passengers was orginally scheduled to depart Brussels at 2:30pm but the captain elected to return the A319 to the gate as saftey precaution.

The 41 trouble-makers were met by police at the gate and taken into Custody.

As a result of the delay, the airline had to revise the crew to avoid timeout and revise the flight number to SN3771A.

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