NEWS Passenger on board flight #9C8568 to Shanghai threatens to blow up plane

One passenger raised a ruckus on a Spring Airlines flight to Shanghai earlier this week, threatening to blow up the plane if it was not taken instead to Taipei.

The flight was traveling from the South Korean resort island of Jeju to Shanghai's Pudong International Airport on Monday night when one male passenger asked the captain to change the plane's destination, repeatedly claiming that there was a bomb on board.

A witness who sat nearby the passenger said that the man rang the service button several times during the flight, eventually making his threats as they began to prepare to land. In response, cabin crew quietly escorted the man to the back of the plane.

After the plane landed in Pudong, a search was conducted and no explosives were found. Meanwhile, the man, surnamed Su, was detained. The Hubei-native told police that he suffered from a mental illness and had taken antidepressants with him.