NEWS Pilot of Malaysia Airlines #MH370 conducted a flight simulation that closely matched the suspected route of the missing Boeing 777

659An FBI forensic examination shows the pilot of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 conducted a flight simulation on his home computer that closely matched the suspected route of the missing Boeing 777 in the southern Indian Ocean, according to a Malaysian government document obtained by New York magazine.

The confidential document summarizes Malaysia’s police investigation into Zaharie Ahmad Shah, the captain of the plane that has been missing for more than two years.
According to the magazine, citing the document, the FBI analyzed hard drives from a flight simulator Zaharie had built using Microsoft Flight Simulator X software. The FBI was able to recover data points from the program that pointed to the southern Indian Ocean.
The document is quoted as saying the simulated flight was made less than a month before MH370 went missing in March 2014.
CNN has not independently confirmed the contents of the reported document.
Zaharie, 53, had been a pilot with Malaysia Airlines since 1981. He was a captain on the 777 for more than 15 years.
He was exceptionally experienced — a training captain who was paired with 27-year-old first officer Fariq Ab Hamid.
Hamid was transitioning to the 777 fleet and MH370 was one of his first flights in that aircraft.
Source CNN