NEWS Ryanair reduces number of hand luggage bags passengers can take into the cabin

From 1 November, only travellers who have paid £5 for the privilege of boarding ahead of the rest will be able to take two bags on board. Everyone else will have to surrender the larger bag at the departure gate, and pick it up on arrival from the baggage carousel. If they refuse to give up the bag, perhaps because it contains valuables, they will not be able to travel.

At the same time, Ryanair is reducing its standard fee for checked-in baggage from £35 to £25, and increasing the weight limit from 15kg to 20kg.

The airline, which is Europe’s largest, insists the move is not motivated by profit. Since it relaxed its cabin baggage policy in 2014, allowing passengers to bring two bags, the “load factor” has increased from 82 to 97 per cent – meaning there are around 25 more cabin bags to be fitted in.


The new policy will apply to all passengers, regardless of when they booked, from the start of November. Any traveller wanting to take two bags will need to take them through the security search, so the usual restrictions on liquids and sharp objects will apply.

Via The Independent