Passengers at Stansted Airport today were delayed by up to an hour after a Ryanair plane dropped of arriving passengers at a departure gate.

A spokesman for Stansted has said that the flight from Lisbon arrived at 0920 and passengers had to be processed through departures security before moving the to the arrivals lounge.

This caused delays to other passengers but the airport was “slowly” returning to normal, he said.

The airport is to hold an investigation into the incident.

Kevin Watt from Northamptonshire told BBC News his experiences today while dropping his daughter off at Stansted this morning.

He said “When we arrived we saw this massive queue”.

“My daughter checked in and I stood in the security queue – the queue just kept on growing and growing. We eventually got to the top of the queue but we were delayed by an hour – my daughter’s flight was for 12:45.”

Mr Watt said his daughter had contacted him an hour after her flight was due to leave, to say it had still not taken off.

The scene at Stansted today, (BBC News/RobTreloar)

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