Disabled teenager with cerebral palsy was thrown off flight and banned from travelling along because he was ‘not sitting in his seat properly’ and was making other passengers nervous on the flight.
David Bysooa who is 16 from London was escorted from Air Mauritius flight at Heathrow when he became upset after being moved seat at the last minute.
The boy was going to see his grandmother in Mauritius and had flown there many times before.
David’s mother Vidulah had booked her son a window seat to help with his anxiety but the crew had moved him to the aisle as there was no where else for him to sit.
The woman in the seat next to David complained when he was removed from the long haul flight and had been taken back to his parents in the terminal building.
Vidulah Bysooa, who works for Kenya Airways at LHR accused the airline of discrimination as she told the Evening Standard ‘The way my son was treated was appalling.’

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