A man taken off a flight to Ibiza has been banned from using the airline after being accused of shoving fellow passengers and threatening the staff onboard, saying a stewardess had a vendetta’.

Joseph Kings and his friend Reiss Egerton were banned from flying Jet2.

Managing director of Jet2, Phil Ward, told Birmingham Mail that they had been escorted away by the police.

The pair have been given a six month ban from using the airline and the sister holiday company Jet2Holidays. Joseph said that this was completely unfair.

The airline released a statement saying

“Prior to reaching the aircraft the pair were observed being rude towards airport security staff, deliberately shoving fellow passengers and threatening Jet2.com employees.
“Their behaviour got so aggressive that the local police had to step in and escort them back through the airport.
“In addition to being offloaded, both were given a six-month ban from flying with Jet2.com and Jet2holidays.
“Jet2.com is leading discussions within the industry on how to tackle this growing problem together.”

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