NEWS Two Planes Evacuated In Seattle, Another Diverted To Dallas Following ‘Security Concern’

Two planes that landed at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport have been evacuated following what airport and airline officials called a “security concern.” According to the Houston Chronicle, a third aircraft that was on its way from Los Angeles to Orlando was diverted to Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. It is still unclear as to what the security concern actually was.
According to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport spokesman Perry Cooper, the two planes that were evacuated include a JetBlue flight on its way from Long Beach, California, and a SkyWest flight from Phoenix, Arizona. Both planes landed at Seattle on Saturday afternoon and are being inspected. He added that passengers from both planes were taken to gates by bus via the airport’s third runwayIn a related incident, the third plane, a Delta Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Orlando, was diverted to Dallas. That aircraft was allowed to proceed to its intended destination later — albeit after undergoing a thorough security check. The Delta Airlines Flight 1061 that landed in Texas was a Boeing 737-900, according to USA Today.Delta Airlines spokesman Morgan Durrant has refused to divulge the reason for the emergency landing of the aircraft, and said that information would be forthcoming after authorities give the go-ahead. However, he added that the landed aircraft was checked by authorities and was eventually allowed to proceed. Meanwhile, a Dallas-FortWorth Airport spokesman, David Magana, reaffirmed that the airport is responding per protocol.