NEWS United Airlines puts diverted passengers from UA958 in military barracks

United Airlines flight bound for London from Chicago had to make a stop on Friday night providing passengers with a layover hell. said that flight UA958 turn back about three hours into the 7 and a half hour flight moments after it began to cross the Atlantic.

Passenger Lois Harper told CNN that “The captain came on and basically just said there were some lights on in the cockpit and that there was some vibrations that passengers in the back of the plane were feeling”

According to Harper, the captain announced that they’d be landing, and that was all the information they told their passengers.

30 minutes later, the 767 landed at Canadian military base Goose Bay. Passengers waited and waited.

Passengers were told that there was not enough room in local hotels to accommodate them.

The 176 passengers from this flight were told that they are going to be staying in the barracks on site and breakfast would be provided.

The barracks were reported to be cold, with no towels or blankets provided. Meteorologists say the temperature of -1 degrees celsius made this night the coldest in the month so far.

Passengers had no access to their bags to access any warmer clothing.

With no blankets or towels, it made up for the internet access that was available for use.

The following morning, old school buses picked up the passengers and dropped them off at the base’s mess hall with no one from United there on behalf on the airline. The airline tweeted to say their crew needed to rest before continuing the flight.

Repeated attempts to speak to a United spokesperson failed, but they did send a statement to CNN saying that the flight was diverted to Goose Bay because of “a maintenance issue,” and that passengers “were accommodated overnight and provided meals.” The statement also apologized for the disruption and said it would provide refunds.

Passenger Lois Harper who spoke to CNN on Sunday say she still is to yet be reimbursed for her flight.