As part of its ongoing investigation into the March 5 accident at LaGuardia Airportwhere Delta Air Lines flight 1086 veered off the runway shortly after touching down, the National Transportation Safety Board has released a third investigative update.
At about 11:02 a.m., the Boeing MD-88, flying from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport to New York exited the left side of runway 13, struck a perimeter fence with its left wing, and came to rest with its nose on an embankment.
There were 127 passengers on the Delta (NYSE: DAL) aircraft, including two infants carried on adults’ laps, as well as five crewmembers. Twenty-three passengers suffered minor injuries.
Technical facts:
  • The airplane was aligned with the runway centerline during the approach to the runway.
  • The autopilot was engaged until the airplane was about 230 feet above the ground.
  • The airspeed during the final approach was about 140 knots.
  • The main landing gear touched down close to the runway centerline, at a speed of about 133 knots.
  • Two seconds after main gear touchdown both thrust reversers were deployed and engines began advancing in power.
  • The spoilers were fully deployed within 2.5 seconds after main gear touchdown.
  • The nose gear touched down and brake pressure began to rise in a manner consistent with autobrake application 2.8 seconds after the main gear touchdown.
  • About six seconds after main gear touchdown, the airplane’s heading began to diverge to the left. At this point, both the left and right engine EPR were about 1.9 with the reversers still deployed.
  • The engines reached peak recorded reverse thrust of 2.07 EPR on the left, and 1.91 EPR on the right, between six and seven seconds after touchdown. Engine thrust decreased after this point.
  • The thrust reversers were stowed nine seconds after main gear touchdown when the engines were both at about 1.6 EPR.
  • The airplane departed the left side of the runway approximately 14 seconds after main gear touchdown.

The investigation is ongoing and any future updates will be issued as events warrant, the agency said.

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