Ophelia live updates

With Ophelia, operations will be disturbed for airports in North West of Europe due to extreme winds.

Aer Lingus #EI491 Airbus A321 from Faro landing at Dublin during strong crosswind this afternoon.

Aer Lingus A330 landing during Ophelia crosswind at Dublin airport.

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Dublin Airport
  • UPDATE Mon. 1800 LT 180 flights now cancelled but remains open.
  • UPDATE Mon. 1400 LT Wind gusts up to 44kt
  • Early morning flights are operating as normal. But up to 125 flights to and from Dublin Airport have been cancelled later today due to the expected impact of storm Ophelia.
Shannon Airport
  • UPDATE Mon. 1730 LT The Aer Lingus London Heathrow flight EI385 landed at Shannon at 4.13pm and a number of transatlantic services with Aer Lingus and Norwegian Air, delayed from earlier today, have been rescheduled for tonight.
  • UPDATE Mon. 1400 LT Wind gusts up to 59kt
  • UPDATE Mon. 1032 LT Shannon airport now reporting wind gusts up to 47kt.
  • Shannon Airport will remain open tomorrow, Monday 16th October. However at this point we are aware of the following flight cancellations: Aer Lingus Regional EI3675/3672 from and to Edinburgh, Aer Lingus EI3639/3638 from and to Birmingham, London/Heathrow EI381 and EI384 with Aer Lingus
Cork Airport
  • UPDATE Mon. 1700LT 9 flights will try to land at Cork Airport between 20.30 to 00.30.
  • UPDATE Mon. 1630 LT AerLingus flights from Birmingham & Manchester are planned to operate into Cork Airport later this evening also.
  • UPDATE Mon. 1630 LT Ryanair plan to operate Palma & London Stansted flights into Cork Airport this evening.
  • UPDATE Mon. 1500 LT Airport closed until tomorrow.
  • UPDATE Mon. 1400 LT Wind gusts up to 52kt
  • UPDATE 1150 LT There are no further departures from Cork Airport.
  • UPDATE 1032 LT Cork airport now reporting wind gusts up to 67kt.
  • UPDATE 0840 LT Cork Airport is reporting wind up to 47kt.
  • A number of flights have already been cancelled : EI3722 to Manchester at 10.35am, EI3842 to Bristol at 11.05am, EI3832 to Glasgow at 2.40pm, EI3740 to Southampton at 2.50pm, EI3708 to Birmingham at 3pm, EI3866 to Newcastle at 6.40pm, EI3728 to Manchester at 6.55pm.
  • Ryanair is anticipating to operate a normal schedule but expected diversions/cancellations for return flights after first wave.
Belfast Airport
  • Some KLM flights already cancelled.
Glasgow Airport
  • Several Ryanair and Aer Lingus flights have been cancelled.
Manchester Airport
  • Manchester Airport is expecting wind gusts up to 45kt in the evening. You can watch live at cam.airlive.net (subscription required).