One of Ireland’s online ‘sell your stuff’ website DoneDeal has this beauty posted to the page.

So the 737 which usually costs €79 Million is on sale with a nice €10 million discount (to beat the January blues).

The plane is advertised as being 1 mile outside Charlestown, which suggests that the plane is on the runway at Knock Airport.

The main description  of the advert is:

“Found a plane 1 mile outside Charlestown on a really long straight road. Has a big fan on either side (something to do with moving it i’m guessing) and has large spoiler on the back. Tire pressure seems to be ok and by looking at the body it hasn’t much miles on her. I checked the nct disk on the windshield and has nct till march. Not sure if its petrol or diesel it could be solar panels too. Sunroof works perfectly, great for an explosive decompression. Comes with full size spare wheel, nuts are a bit tight though. The left front headlight not working to expensive to fix. Cant find the break lights or the steering wheel. I located many buttons towards the front of the plane, haven’t a clue what they do. Found around 200 life jackets, used to be a boat i think. The plane has about 8 doors, 4 on each side. Has a basement downstairs but cant be accessed from inside the plane but there is a door on the outside though. Comes with 2 pairs of noise cancelling headphones great for movies. Has a beaded seat cover. Great deal with seat cover”

And just to clarify all your suspicions.. 
I wonder what Michael O Leary would say.

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