GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN – Police around the United States are on high alert after the federal government issued warnings regarding a heightened terror risk over the Fourth of July holiday weekend.

Citizens around the country are noticing an increased police presence this weekend, especially surrounding big events scheduled in celebration of Independence Day. Starting July 3rd, police activity picked up the pace and ramped up security nationwide. In New York specifically, Governor Cuomo ordered state authorities to enhance monitoring of holiday celebrations. Examples include an increase in police helicopters buzzing overhead in New York City, and more manpower on the ground.

However, effects can also be seen in smaller cities. Police have asked citizens in Grand Rapids, Michigan, a city with a population of approximately only 188,000, to be vigilant even though there are no known local threats.

While the majority of the population will be focused on celebrating the anniversary of the United State’s independence from England, the nation’s police force will be more focused than ever on “protecting” those very citizens.

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-Aiman Jarrar 

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