Qantas Boeing 787-9 to make its first ultra long-haul research flight from New York to Sydney on Friday October 18.

The 19-hour flight from New York to Sydney could mark the world’s first non-stop flight between Sydney and New York operated by a commercial airline. No airline has ever completed this route without stopping.

Qantas says each of the Project Sunrise flights will have about 40 passengers, including crew. Scientists and medical experts will monitor sleep patterns, food and beverage consumption, lighting, physical movement and inflight entertainment to assess impact on health, wellbeing and body clock.

Qantas will operate a total of three ultra long-haul research flights as part of Project Sunrise. The three flights, which will take place in October, November and December, will use new Boeing 787-9s and re-route their planned delivery flights.

The second research flight will fly from London to Sydney and the third one from New York to Sydney again.

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