The Perth to London nonstop route is proving a bonanza for Qantas and passengers alike, six months after its launch.

Flights are full and reliable with only one major mechanical glitch that threw the schedule out for two days.

The fastest crossing to London was 16 hours 23 minutes on July 20, when the flight left about 30 minutes late but arrived 30 minutes early.

Most flight to London are between 30 minutes and 45 minutes early.

For the return journey the fastest flight was on September 22, when QF10 – VH-ZNC Quokka – took just 15 hours 34 minutes to reach Perth from London.

The flight are 92 per cent filled and 94 per cent in premium classes, the highest of any of Qantas’ international routes.

A Qantas spokesman said the reliability of the 787 was “exceptional”.

The airline is now operating the 787 to London, Los Angeles, San Francisco from Melbourne and from Brisbane to Los Angeles and New York.

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