First of all, thanks to reaching team. We always need trusted people.

You’re allowed to tweet for @airlivenet or post on Facebook, please follow the next few rules:
If the bot is configured to include you, each tweet you will post a tweet from your own account with the hashtag #airlivenet, the bot will post it immediately from @airlivenet account.

  • People know how reactive our twitter feed is. So try to give the news as soon as possible but always publish confirmed news. If not, never forget “unconfirmed” in your tweet.
  • When you take the news from an other twitter account, add “via (the account)” at the end.
  • Don’t post your own opinion, we work as a news agency.
  • Try to respect our “tweet format”: start the tweet with BREAKING or ALERT when something important is happening, start with UPDATE when you give more details about a news, start with NEWS or PHOTO… for the others.
  • To write a flight number, please use the ‘2 letters’ IATA code without forgetting the hashtag such #BA289
  • We also use IATA ‘3 letters’ code to indicate an airport such LHR, JFK… but the best is to gave the real name.
  • In case of emergency, we try to create an article as quickly as possible with PlaneFinder Iframe to follow the flight. Please include the link of this page in your tweets. It drives our followers to website (which is important for the future of and it allows us to have a single article where we can give Updates.
  • Always check if the news you’re about to post has not been posted few seconds before by an other contributor.
  • Try to illustrate each tweet with PlaneFinder (with logo) or a photo.
  • Never use FlightRadar24 screenshots or data.
  • Never use The Aviation Herald ( data.
You’re allowed to write on please, please follow the next rules:
  • If there is an article on web you want to write about, please do not simply copy/paste. Just write few sentences, add an illustration (it can be the airline logo), then give a link to this article.
  • Never use FlightRadar24 screenshots or data.
  • Never use The Aviation Herald ( data.
  • If you add a photo, please add credit under it.
  • Try to respect our “title format”: start your article title by NEWS, PHOTO, VIDEO…

Our bot will tweet the article within 15 mins.

We hope these rules are not too boring, welcome in the team!!! tweeter account and website are growing, this is because of you!