The search for MH370 by Seabed Constructor appears to be still underway, even though the official search ended this week.

ABC Australia reports that several scientists and aviation buffs that have been following the Seabed Constructor’s search on twitter have noticed that the vessel has moved to a new location and have re-deployed it’s undersea drones. The area is around 5 degrees South, 101 degrees East and was searched by Chinese navy ship Haixun 01 in early April 2014. The Haixun 01 detected two separate pulse signals at the same frequency sent by aircraft black boxes. Other objects were found floating on the ocean about 90km away from the Haixun 01.

Kevin Rupp tweeted Friday morning (Australian time), “Seabed Constructor continued up arc and deployed again, about 20 NM (37 kilometres) north of the Haixun area and then headed south.”

The latest tweet:

As the official search ended Tuesday, Ocean Infinity, operator of the Seabed Constructor, would no longer be bound by the agreement with the Malaysian government. Ocean Infinity confirmed to ABC News that they were using the last few days to close off as much of the northern side of the search as possible.

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