After ten years of operations, Singapore Airlines’ first A380 will be retired from service. The Super Jumbo will be stored next week at Tarbes Airport in France waiting to find a buyer or be dismantled.

According to Bloomberg, the A380 registered 9V-SKA (MSN003) is in preparation for its ferry flight to Tarbes-Lourdes-Pyrénées airport, France.

Before leaving Singapore Airlines’ fleet, the aircraft will be painted white. Upon arrival in France, all four engines will be retired and returned to Rolls-Royce for leasing to other operators.

The first A380 entered service with Singapore Airlines on October 25, 2007 on the Singapore-Sydney route. The last flight was on 11 June 2017 between London-Heathrow and Singapore where the aircraft has been stored since then.

The second Singapore Airlines A380 (reg. 9V-SKB) will also be removed from fleet.

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