The Future of Online Casinos as Inflight Entertainment

Are you old enough to remember a time before mobile phones, a time before in-seat entertainment during flights? The best you might have to work with is one movie playing on a tiny TV 8 seats down or the two books you brought with you. How did anyone manage to fly internationally without going completely bonkers?

Luckily, times are a changing, and we now have plenty to distract ourselves during the big bus journeys of the sky. Today we’re going to take a look at a rising popular pastime – playing online casinos – and see where its future lies in inflight entertainment.

Airlines currently offer a limited selection of games as part of their online entertainment packages

If you have flown anywhere with an airline in the past 10 years or so who offer online entertainment in-seat, then you’ll be familiar that these systems don’t just offer movies. Through these portals you’re able to watch movies, TV shows, listen to radio and full albums (or their “selections”), view flight statistics, perhaps purchase food and drinks or duty free items on board, as well as play games, with some of them available to be played against other travellers on your flight, too.

Even cattle class will get all the bells and whistles.

At present, the majority of these systems aren’t exactly high tech. Check out the selection at Virgin Atlantic for example. They’re nothing like your iPad or Smart TV at home. The games that they offer on board are generally rudimentary at best. While you might find blackjack or checkers, they’re not licensed games from EA or anything. They appear to have been made directly for the airline, and with a limited budget, with many aimed at children. You’ll be lucky to find someone to play one of the multi-player games with, unless your travel companion wants to play against you or you convince the guy next to you to join in after a wine or two.