A long layover in an airport is every traveler’s worst nightmare, but not if you happen to be in one of the world’s coolest airports. Terminals around the world have been upgraded to offer other experiences and a variety of lifestyle. Some pulled out stops and became destinations of their own right. The airport’s lounges, restaurant, showers and shops of the previous year do not cut it anymore.

Use the long layovers while waiting for a boarding call to sneak into Red Flush Casino and place a wager, or entertain yourself in the airport’s light tunnels or aquariums. Below are some of the world’s coolest airports;

Munich, Germany

If you find yourself stuck in Munich, Germany, you can enjoy a tour behind the scenes of terminals 1 and two can keep you occupied. You can also enjoy a cool beer at the world’s first airport brewery; with up to 7 different types of beer while playing at a casino. You can also take in views from the Visitor Terrace; discover historical aircrafts at the Visitors Park and learn new things at a satellite exhibition. Enjoy a great view from a 172 steps up Visitors Hill, mini-golf and a playground divided into continents.

Hong Kong

A long layover at Hong Kong airport can be used to do something relaxing, educational or even entertaining.  You can attend Chinese tea or medicine making a demonstration or visit the Aviation Discovery Centre to learn more about flights. You can also watch a movie at the airport as it is home to the biggest 2D and 3D IMAX screen in Hong Kong. If you are a bit more active, you can play basketball, soccer, skiing, boxing, shooting, car racing, or at the nine holes golf at Sky City Nine Eagles Course.

Changi, Singapore

It looks like Singapore’s Changi airport want to win the Holiday Resort of the year award – you’ve got to see this to believe. It features a cactus garden with over 40 different cacti, an orchid garden, and a sunflower garden with than 500 plants and 1216 copper raindrop that symbolizes the joy of traveling. The most recent development is Project Jewel, a 10-story expansion. Moreover, you get to enjoy an enchanted garden with moving sculptures, a butterfly garden, a koi pond, a 12m-high slide that can reach a speed of 6m per second, a swimming pool and Jacuzzi, a cinema and multimedia entertainment deck. When traveling with your kids, you can take them to see the koi at feeding time. It is something they will live to remember.

Zurich, Switzerland

Are you into health and fitness? Zurich airport is a great layover destination where you will appreciate its grocery store. If you don’t mind a little exercise, don’t miss to hire a bicycle, walking poles or a pair of in-line skating. Moreover, the Observation Deck offers multimedia binoculars for a different view of things. A tour of behind the scenes will take you to the Airside Centre, a pier, the aprons and a tunnel under a runway. It’s here that you can have your kids appreciate the airport miniature playground.

Airports are no longer just traveling stations for flying. Today, they are turning into destinations known for offering exciting lifestyle, marine life, as well as culture and art.

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