This woman was the only passenger of Jet2 189-passenger plane to Crete

Karon Grieve was hoping Jet2 flight to Crete to be fairly quiet this last Sunday as it’s the tail-end of the season and she imagined that not many people were headed to the Greek island… and she was right!

“I asked the girl at check-in how many were going to be flying and she said I should guess,” told Karon Grieve. “So I counted it down from 10 and it turned out there were three people booked on.”

But when she got to the gate, flight crew informed Grieve that the other two passengers had not shown up — and that she was about to have a four-hour private flight.

Grieve boarded the 189-passenger plane and when the flight landed in Crete,Karon Grieve didn’t have to wait for her baggage at the carousel. It was handed directly to her.

But perhaps the most fantastic part is that she payed only $60 (£46) for the four-hour private flight.