Image source: Daily Mail Australia/Getty

A 38 year old man is facing five years jail and a $A10,500 fine after agreeing to air rage charges in Adelaide’s Magistrates Court on 23 March.

Robert Foster was travelling on #TT313 with his 9 year old son from Brisbane to Adelaide on 11 December 2016. The plane was met by Australian Federal Police (AFP) on it’s arrival to Adelaide shortly after 6:00pm.

It was alleged that Mr Foster was seen drinking from a “goon bag” (boxed wine) that was in the overhead bin during the flight. After cabin crew refused to serve him alcohol he became “angry” and “agressive” according to The Daily Mail Australia.

The paper also quotes court documents alleging Mr Foster went on a foul mouthed tirade saying, “All I want is a f***ing [sic] drink. This is f***ing pathetic. F*** Tiger, what a piece of s**t, f***ing unbelievable. It’s because I’m black. Tiger is racist.”

It is also alleged that that the AFP found a life jacket from the plane in his bag.

Mr Foster will face sentencing in May.

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