Two Transavia flights diverted after a Russian passenger caused a security breach at Rotterdam Airport

Two Transavia flights from Rotterdam diverted after a Russian passenger boarded an aircraft in Rotterdam without a valid boarding card.

A first Transavia flight from Rotterdam to Malaga diverted to Madrid after a Russian woman boarded the aircraft without valid ticket. The passenger was disembarked by the Spanish police.

The passenger has been questioned by the Spanish police. The baggage part of the aircraft were also checked for the possible presence of items that did not go through security at the airport in Rotterdam.

After the stopover in Madrid, passengers were told by the captain that a Russian woman had boarded the plane in Rotterdam who did not have a ticket. The woman is said to have put luggage on the belt at the security check and then pressed an emergency button, then fled – without being checked by airport security personnel – onto the apron and boarded the nearest plane unnoticed.

The woman is said to have exhibited strange behavior on the plane. She would have spoken about human trafficking and wanted to speak to the ambassador.

The flight finally continued its journey towards Malaga but another flight to Faro in Portugal was also affected.

A Transavia spokesperson reported. “We initially received information from the Marechaussee that there would be a passenger on that flight who did not belong there. That is why that plane was preparing for a stopover in Bordeaux. When it turned out that it was another flight where something was wrong, the plane already landed.”

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