Transport secretary Chris Grayling has argued travellers can “continue to book with confidence” following the latest developments in negotiations over Britain’s departure from the European Union.

The comments come after the European Commission published a ‘no-deal’ contingency action plan which could come into force in March next year.

On transport, it includes a proposal which would ensure the continuation of flights between the UK and the EU and one which would allow UK hauliers to continue to carry goods into the EU.

Regulations would also be introduced to to extend temporarily (for up to nine months) the validity of certain aviation safety licences.

The announcement demonstrates a clear commitment to future travel while offering reassurances that both sides will work to maintain UK and EU transport links, the government argued.

Grayling said: “We need to study the detail, but any steps to ensure UK hauliers can continue carrying goods into the EU in the event of a no deal is good news, as is ensuring flights are maintained between the UK and EU immediately after Brexit.”

He added: “The UK government has already set out in our technical notices that we would permit EU airlines to fly to the UK and would expect this to be reciprocated.”

In response to the announcement ABTA chief executive, Mark Tanzer, said: “UK citizens take over 50 million trips a year to Europe and it is the number one place people plan to visit next year.

“Both the UK government and the European Commission reiterated that flights will continue to operate between the UK and the EU after Brexit, and we welcome the transport secretary’s clear statement that travellers can continue to book with confidence.”

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