‘Ukraine needs combat aircraft right now!’ says Ukrainian Foreign Ministry

Ukrainian authorities begs Western countries to give combat aircraft.

‘Ukraine needs combat aircraft right now’, this was the message from the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Dmitry Kuleba Such to the Western countries.

Mr. Borrell said that Mr. Kuleba had requested planes that Ukrainian Air Force pilots can fly. Ukraine’s jet fighters are Soviet-built MiG and Sukhoi models.

Some current EU members that were once part of the USSR-led Warsaw Pact still fly such planes or have old ones parked.

These countries plan to hand over their warplanes to Ukraine:

  • Bulgaria (MiG-29) 16 units
  • Bulgaria (Su-25) 14 units
  • Poland (MiG-29) 28 units
  • Slovakia (MiG-29) 12 units

The aircraft could be deployed at the Polish airport, where Ukrainian pilots will carry out combat missions.

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