UPDATE EMERGENCY Gibraltar Airport was closed following a suspicious piece of luggage.

Today Gibraltar airport had to be closed, and the border crossing as well as local businesses closed because of a suspicious piece of luggage that was being loaded onto easyJet flight EZY8902.

easyJet released a statement to say that they have delayed the flight because of a baggage handler either smelling smoke or seeing it while loading the luggage onto the A319 with registration G-EZFL.

The Royal Gibraltar Police tweeted at 1346 local time that the Frontier (Gibraltar–Spain border) and sundial was closed because of a suspicious package discovered at the airport. They also told residents to “please stay away from the area”.

Easyjet now says that a technical fault of the aircraft had caused the smoke smell which was mistaken, but discovered, by the baggage handlers.

Passengers say their luggage had to be re-screened before being loaded back onto the aircraft.