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ALERT German aviation administration is investigating Air Berlin’s A330 low pass before final landing (video)

Final Air Berlin A330 flight’s epic low pass on arrival at Düsseldorf Airport, now under investigation by the LBA

The Luftfahrt Bundesamt (LBA) – Germany’s aviation administration – is investigating Air Berlin’s final wide-body landing at DUS airport, the airline has confirmed this on Tuesday afternoon.

Air Berlin’s final long-haul flight, coming from Miami, performed a low pass above the terminal at an altitude of just above 30 meters before landing at the airport.

The aircraft (D-ABXA) flew 15 meters above the runway before turning left and flying over the terminal complex.

Videos of the flight raised a lot of questions about the safety of the action.

Markus Wahl, speaker for Germany’s cockpit association said the low pass was absolutely safe and legal. The pilots informed the passengers 10 minutes before landing and coordinated the maneuver with the tower. ATC approved a left turn over the terminal.

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