VIDEO Russian aerobatic team celebrates 25th anniversary with aviation show

Russian military aircraft took to the skies, performing air stunts and demonstrating maneuvering skills in a massive display, as the Russian ‘Berkuts’ helicopter aerobatic team celebrated its 25th anniversary.

The Saturday aviation show in the Tver Region featured performances by other aerobatic teams, including the Russian Knights and the Swifts (Strizhi). The public got to watch the latest models of combat and transport helicopters, the Mi-28N ‘Night Hunter’, Ka-52 ‘Alligator’, Mi-35M, Mi-26T, Mi-8AMTSh ‘Terminator’ and Mi-8AMTSh-VA, as well as fighter jets in action.

Apart from the Berkuts (golden eagles) team, flying the Mi-28N ‘Night Hunter’ attack helicopter, the Russian Knights showed their Sukhoi-27SM Flanker fighters.