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Which country has the most female pilots?

Maria The Pilot

According to the International Society of Women Airline Pilots, Just over 5% of airline pilots worldwide are female.

However in India, that figure soars to 13%, a surprising leader when it comes to equality in aviation.

Air travel in India has been growing at a torrid pace as of late. Over the first six months of this year, domestic air capacity in India grew 22%, making it the fastest-growing aviation market in the world.

To meet such blistering local demand, Indian carriers like SpiceJet and IndiGo are hiring pilots at exceptional rates, many of them women.

While the current fleet of pilots at both airlines are already 12-13% female, SpiceJet is upping the ante with plans to have a pilot staff that’s one-third female within three years.

The FAA says more than 12% of flying students are now female, and in India, that figure is doubled.

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