Photo by Moshe Shai/FLASH90

Many pilots reported that they have experienced loss of GPS signal in the vicinity of the Ben Gurion International Airport (LLBG) in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Since early June, GPS signals at the airport have been unreliable for pilots and planes using the location.

The missing navigational data has had a “significant impact” on airport operations, said Israel’s Airports Authority.

Israeli officials accused Russia of being behind mysterious GPS disruptions. The interference appears to be the result of electronic warfare known as “spoofing,” which Russia has previously been accused of engaging in as a defensive measure.

It appears to originate in Syria, where Russian forces are fighting on behalf of strongman Bashar al-Assad, according to Israeli officials who spoke on condition of anonymity.

The Russian embassy in Israel rejected the allegation, calling it “fake news” that they “couldn’t respond to seriously.”

The disrupted GPS signals had not caused any accidents or safety incidents, said the Airports Authority. It added that pilots could use the alternative Instrument Landing System when approaching and landing at the airport.

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