Image Source: CNN/First Airlines

Japan’s First Airlines has become the world’s first virtual airline – offering a flight experience using Virtual Reality technology without leaving the ground in Ikebukuro in Tokyo. The Airline uses A380 or A340 seats.

Passengers, make reservations, check-in, are given a boarding pass, wear VR headsets and experience a simulated takeoff and landing. There are also safety demonstrations, in-flight announcements, and engine sounds. There are 4 course in-flight meals that showcase the flavours of the destination. Flights last for 111 minutes. After the completion of the “flight” passengers can experience a 360 degree view of the Paris, New York, Rome or Hawaii.

First Airlines manager Hirokai Abe told CNN, “For me, it’s difficult to have a trip because of the cost, like time and money. If I can easily access the airport and take a flight even though it’s virtual, I thought it would be so cool.” The service is aimed at those that are time poor or unable to travel because of illness or cost.

Flights cost from ¥4980 (£33.42, €37.95, $US46.71, $A59.71) for Business Class and ¥5980 (£40.13, €45.57, $US56.09, $A71.70).

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