A rendering of the new livery. Photo Credit: Lufthansa

Lufthansa is making changes to its brand new aircraft livery.

The German flag carrier officially unveiled a new livery and brand design on February 7th, now the airline has confirmed it is modifying the new look.

The blue color on the aircraft livery will get adjusted once again“, Lufthansa told “The task is to modify the blue so that it is perceived as blue even in unfavorable lighting conditions.” The current blue tone on the tail looks almost black on many photos, something the airline ‘did not want to achieve’.

Lufthansa’s official statement says (translated):

“…After our first two newly painted aircraft have landed in many places around the world, […]we have only been able to recognize that the blue paint sometimes looks much darker than it did in the test environment…

The airline confirmed to AIRLIVE that it will only readjust the dark blue color, everything else on the livery stays the same.

Lufthansa’s statement adds: “We will also design a logo version which can combine the Lufthansa Group word mark with the crane.

When the company introduced the new design, it praised itself for the complex selection process and the associated effort it made, to choose the new livery which has been widely criticised for the lack of yellow.

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